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Safer Communities Lincolshire have been taking the internet by storm after posters for their #NoMore campaign to tackle sexual violence and abuse were spotted in the toilets of clubs and pubs in the county.  The campaign has been sited around the world as a brilliant idea which should be taken up by more areas.

With greater use of on-line dating there is an increased danger of people finding themselves meeting up with someone who is not who they said they were, or in a situation where they do not feel safe and are not sure how to get out of.  The #NoMore campaign enables people to go to the bar staff and "ask for Angela" - the staff will then call a taxi or help them leave discreetly to help ensure their safety.

Click here to visit the Safer Communities Lincolnshire website for more information about the campaign.

Whilst I think this is great idea, I'm very glad I'm not working in a bar in Lincolnshire during this campaign - I could suddently be very in demand!

Angela Derry
Project Support Officer - Youth & Community 

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