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Diversity in the UK

I recently read some interesting short essays written by Hanna Wittek, Somerset UK Youth Parliament Advisory Group Member, and thought it would be good to share her insights.  The first one looks at Diversity in the UK...


Research shows that London was the most diverse city in the UK. The UK has over 17 ethnic groups with 86% being either Irish, Gypsy or Irish Traveller or other White; 7.5% being either White and Black Caribbean, White and Asian, White and Black African or other mixed; 3.3% being African, Caribbean or other Black; 2.2% being Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese or other Asian. Finally, 1% being Arab or any other ethnic group.

Most of the people in the UK agree with the opinion that it's good to mix with people from different backgrounds. I do also agree with them that the UK should be a nation with people from all different ethnic groups. However, there are some people who have different thoughts of our mixed society. These people think that England should only contain white English people which in my opinion is really unfair.

In other countries, it is forbidden for one ethnic group to mix with another. However in most of the modern countries, just like the UK, it is good to have a mix of different race people. And in England racism is not tolerated and whoever is racist in a very offensive and cruel way, should get punished for their actions.

Another very important part of England's culture is the people's sexual identity. In 2015, 1.7% of the UK population identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or other. This, in my opinion, is good that our society contains people with different sexual backgrounds. This is the kind of unique culture that we live in, where everyone is accepted for who they really are an there is no shame in expressing yourself.

To conclude, diversity in the UK, in my opinion, it doesn't matter what ethnic group you're in or what sexuality you are, the key things is that everyone is unique. This is what makes Britain such a diverse, fantastic place to live in.

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