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- Elections 2018

erSomerset's Youth Parliament group has three Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) supported by an advisory group and is part of the the national UK Youth Parliament.  Elections are held every two years to democratically elect the MYPs but young people can become involved in the advisory group at any time.  Each MYP has their own manifesto area which they work on throughout their two year term of office. 

This year is election year!

Young people from all across the county and from all walks of life are welcome.  UKYP is very important in Somerset, it enables young people's views to be heard by the County Council, which ensures better services for young people across Somerset.  The UKYP also enables young people to develop new skills, have new experiences and can be a life changing experience.

The Selection Day gives young people the chance to find out about UK Youth Parliament, what is involved in becoming a MYP/Deputy, the roles and a bit of preparation in fulfilling this role. At the end of the workshops, everyone attending will be able make an informed decision as to whether they would want to become a candidate.

Those that confirm they'd like to become a candidate give a short speech (young people have help to write it) and the young people vote for whoever they think would make the best Member of the Youth Parliament for that constituency. The young people with most votes in their constituency become the next Member of the Youth Parliament, those in second place become the next deputies.


The Timeline 

  • Attend the Selection Day on Saturday 8th December 2018 at Taunton Library - this is the only opportunity to be elected as MYP and your only opportunity to vote for Somerset's MYPs
  • Newly elected MYPs work alongside the current MYPs and learn more about the role until 28th February 2019 and then start their own two year term of office.
For more infomation, contact Kate Darlington