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- Employment Licences

Under 16 year olds require a licence for any employment, paid or voluntary, they undertake or any non-school performance they are involved in.  It is always the employer's or directors responsibility to ensure this is in place.  A performance requires a license when it is not linked to the school and there is both a director and an audience.

Licences are issued for free by Somerset Direct usually following a 5 minute conversation - it is really easy!

Employment does not have to be paid. Volunteering is considered employment for these purposes by the Somerset Employment of Children Byelaws 2003 where the goal of the organisation is to create a profit or surplus. (charities for example would count).

This matter is not readily enforced in Somerset and only makes headlines when things go wrong. There are horror stories in Somerset where employers have not requested a permit, which has led to illegal and dangerous employment of children who have been injured. This not only has an impact on the child and their family but also has a financial impact on an organisation as their insurance may become invalid in the absence of a license and they may also be open to prosecution from the injured party and the local authority.

All of this can be avoided by having a 5 minute phone call.

Click here for more information on the law and guidance for performance and employment licenses.

Click here for Somerset's guidance and information for what to do next