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- Safe & Welcoming

The Safe and Welcoming pack includes includes everything you need to help you to achieve this standard (click on the links below to download). The pack includes:

  • Witness statement templates - many criteria rely on what young people, staff and the managing group think and say. These templates have been included to make the gathering of witness statements easier. After completion by the appropriate person, they are slotted into the file
  • Evidence index - this is an easy way to keep track of what's been done and what remains to be done)
  • Polypocket Labels to build the necessary evidence bank - so you don’t need to ‘portfolio build’ or create your own system (will fit Avery 3652 labels or equivalent) . 

All of these are downloadable by clicking on the links. 





We have created a sample portfolio for the fictional 'Puddleduck Youth Club' to help you with this process.  This shows samples of the documents you can include in each section.  Please click here to explore the sample portfolio. 




Youth work providers

If you are a youth work provider working with lots of different youth clubs, you can submit one batch of 'provider evidence' for assessment, if you want. This means you don't need to do a lot of photocopying for each club's portfolio!

Once accepted, individual clubs can then submit the 'club specifc' information for each club you are working with. Provider evidence has a shelf-life of six months and you'd need to ensure that your clubs submitted their evidence within this timescale. If they didn't, you'd need to submit another (updated as necessary) batch of provider evidence. Please note, copies of insurance documents will need replacing if they expire within the six month period.

Please click here to down load the Evidence Index which details which documents can be submitted as part of the provider evidence.



If you find that you don’t have all of the policies, paperwork or procedures needed to gain this award, or if you feel you'd like a little help, please contact one of the Youth and Community Officers:

Zara Scott-Davies (07919 540738 /

Kirstie Brown (07899 700170 /

Don't forget to check in ‘The Community Youth Club Handbook’ for templates and useful information (the reference document which links it to Safe and Welcoming is downloadable here). It also has many hints and tips for running a youth club – if you don't have a copy, ask for one! It is free to all clubs in Somerset.

You can submit your pack independently if you wish. All submissions are moderated by the Youth and Community team. Please send any independently completed packs to:

Youth & Community Service
1 The Crescent
TA1 4EA.