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- Session Plans

A lot of the youth clubs we've been in contact with have told us it would be good to have easy access to some issue based youth work sessions they can use in their clubs.  To help, we have created a series of session plans that are ready to download and use.

Each session addresses a specific topic and lasts about an hour.  The downloads contain a step by step guide for running the session, as well as the resources you need so that any preparation club workers need to do is kept to a minimum. 

"I have found the session plans to be a great resource for guided sessions with our young people, they are informative as well as fun, they are quick and easy to use. I am very grateful for such a valuable resource."
Claire Bailey, Milborne Port Youth Club


Not sure which session to run? 

If you're not sure which topics to cover with your youth group, you could start with our Needs Assessment Quiz.  This is a fun quiz with a mix of general questions and some issue related ones.  The responses you get to the issue related questions will provide some useful clues about which topics it is worth running a session on.



We will continue to add more session plans, but if there are any topics you would particularly like us to cover please email us at to let us know. 


Please note:

This resource may be used free of charge by local authorities and community groups for the benefit of young people. Its use for commercial gain is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Somerset County Council Youth & Community Service Manager. Any unauthorised copying or distribution will constitute an infringement of copyright.