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- Somerset's MYPs 2017-19

Taunton Deane & West Somerset

Kira Lewis - MYP

undefinedMy name is Kira Lewis, and I am Member of Youth Parliament for Taunton Deane and West Somerset. I am currently studying Law, Politics and English Literature at college, and I feel strongly about empowering and representing young people in our area in this, my second term of office. I am an advocate
for Votes at 16, and I enjoy debating and poetry - particularly Maya Angelou's work. My campaign, ‘A Curriculum to Prepare Us for Life', aims to encourage the teaching of comprehensive and inclusive Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) in Somerset. We believe that young people deserve access to the likes of First Aid, legal and political information (focussing on the importance of the vote), and Sex and Relationships education; but not limited to these. The campaign aims to create a better-informed, healthier, and politically active generation of young people in our county.

I am also a Volunteer Police Cadet, a Stonewall Young Campaigner (2016-2017), and a previous recipient of the Somerset Anne Frank Award, partly due to my interest in Holocaust Education. I am looking forward to proudly providing young people with a voice in my constituency, and for my constituency. I can be found on Twitter at @KLewisMYP, where I will post regular updates on our work in Somerset.


Klara Legge - Deputy MYP

undefinedHi I'm Klara Legge

I'm deputy MYP for west Somerset and Taunton Deane.
The manifesto that I am supporting and am interested in is curriculum for life which is a broader curriculum that focuses on making sure we are prepared for everything in life.

Outside of youth parliament I take part in multiple sports including, ballet, gymnastics, netball , running, football and much more.

This is my first year with the youth parliament and I hope one of many.



South Somerset


Leonie Robertson - MYP

undefinedHello! My name is Leonie Robertson and I am the MYP for South Somerset. I am passionate about young people feeling empowered enough to feel confident in who they are, and I feel
that every young person should be provided with support and encouragement whilst figuring themselves out. I also think that's it's incredibly important for every young person to be provided with an education.

My campaign is all about what I think is most important - equality and diversity. I believe this campaign will be very beneficial to the young people of Somerset! I currently attend Stanchester Academy in Stoke Sub Hamdon, and I am a Community Leader there. Outside of school, I kickbox, I love to read and regularly watch the Prime Minister's Questions!

I hope to get lots out of the Youth Parliament, and I promise that I will do my best to make young people's lives better.



Micha Soulsby - Deputy MYP


 Hello, my name is Micha, and I am the DMYP for South 

Somerset. My role is to support Leonie in her campaign,
Equality and Diversity - Changing Stereotypes. This is a great
campaign to support because of it fits with the things what I
most agree with, which includes LGBT issues and helping to educate and raise awareness with young people on themes such as diversity and many other good things.

I look forward to working with Leonie and other young people across the remainder of the 2 year term.


Sedgemoor & Mendip

Eve Anderson - MYP

My name is Eve Anderson and I am the member of Youth Parliament for Sedgemoor and Mendip. My campaign is called Young People and Mental Health, this is a very important campaign to me as- just like almost every other young person in the country, mental health affects my everyday life. I feel that now is as good a time as any to really take away the stigma from Mental Health and try to make sure everyone who suffers from mental health is properly supported and diagnosed.

I am an experienced member of Youth Parliament, as I have been involved for 4-5 years. I am a very driven young person and love my area of Somerset and I am very proud of it. I enjoy attending Youth Parliament meetings, talking to young people and helping other young people to become brave and confident enough to speak out for themselves.

Outside of Youth Parliament I am very academically driven, but I also enjoy horse riding, socialising and spending time with my family and pets.

I can't wait to spend 2 years completing my manifesto and meeting like-minded young people...


Theo Wakeling - Deputy MYP


As deputy member of Youth Parliament for Mendip and Sedgemoor,
I will be aiding Eve in her campaign (entitled "Young People and
Mental Health"). It aims to tackle what is of course an immensely
important issue, and one that affects all of us.

Alongside this it is also my aim to increase the participation of local young people in politics, and therefore present an alternative to apathy (and perhaps plant a few trees along the way).

Outside of YP (- a trendy abbreviation of Youth Parliament), I'm a passionate musician who loves to write and perform, an environmentalist who has a deep love of nature, and a bit of a hippy who enjoys telling others about the latter.

I'm looking forward to spending my time as DMYP amongst some great young people.