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- UK Data Protection Act 2018

The UK Data Protection Act (2018) came in on 25 May. This saw the UK adopting the EU General Protection Regulation (GDPR), replacing the 1998 Data Protection Act. This new legislation changed how we must deal with people's personal data.
To help with this transition and try to ensure that all youth clubs are compliant with the new regulations, the following documents are available for you to download:

Data Protection Information sheet
 which includes a ‘So what do you actually need to do' section, a sample policy, and a sample Data Protection Recording Document.

Sample annual consent form so that you can see what this looks like in practice. 

Sample Data Protection Recording Document - this has sections already completed to give you an idea of what to put in, but you must tailor it for your club, as the sample may not be appropriate. You also need to add in your club name and logos etc.

Data Protection Policy   

As usual, you'll need to read these documents to make sure you change any of your processes or paperwork to match them.