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- Why provide a youth club?

There are many reasons for providing a youth club. These can include giving young people somewhere to go and something to do, helping young people feel part of their community and (most importantly) enabling young people to reach their full potential.

Explaining how a youth club can achieve this can be quite difficult. Most communities believe in their hearts that providing a youth club is the right thing to do, but when it comes to setting money aside to fund it, communties need more than their instincts to justify it.

To help with this we have created a 'Theory of Change' which explains what good youth clubs can do for young people. Using the Young Foundation's 'Framework of outcomes for young people' as a basis, we have created a one page diagram which shows how youth clubs benefit young people. In short the theory is that where clubs run good quality developmental programmes, they will enable young people to develop their 'soft' life skills. These skills are crucial in order for young people to grow into adults with happy, successful lives.  In this way, youth clubs benefit not only young people, but the whole community. Click on the image below to download this document.

undefinedIf you'd like read the whole 'Framework' document, please click here - we would recommend it as it's well written and a fascinating read.


We've used the same process to create a Theory of Change for Somerset Youth and Community Service. If you'd like to have a look at this, please click here.

To discuss either document, please contact Kirstie Brown, Youth and Community Officer, on 01823 357553 / 07899 700170 or