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DIY Securing Quality

Before you try to decide whether or not your club is providing good quality and value for money, you need to be clear what type of club it is - or what type of club you'd like it to be. Have a look at the four statements below:
  1. Our club is a drop-in for young people to come and go as they like, which is warm and dry and has refreshments available
  2. Our club is a youth club, which is warm and dry, but also has a tuck shop and an organised programme with fun activities that are aimed at encouraging young people to spend the whole evening here
  3. Our club has all the above, and also has staff that are happy to give information and advice and that provides educational activities aimed at developing young people's skills, knowledge and potential
  4. Our club has all the above and aims to get young people to help with the running of the club and also encourages them to take more of a part in community matters, such as having a voice on the town or parish council or taking part in community activities, such as a Remembrance Day Parade or the local fete

If you answered yes to questions 1 or 2, you have a 'positive activity' type of youth club. If you answered yes to questions 3 or 4, you have a 'youth work' youth club. 


If you have employed a provider to run your club, you also need to check your contract, to make sure you've asked for the right type of club!


Click on the appropriate image to get the appropriate quality assurance advice!



If you're unsure which type of club you have, please contact us and we can help you work it out! Our details are:


Kirstie Brown 01823 357553 / 07899 700170


Zara Scott-Davies 01823 357554 / 07919 540738