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Useful Bits & Pieces

This section contains all the useful bits and pieces you need to start a young volunteers programme. Have a look round, you don't have to use them all!

As you'll see, the section contains a 'lead-in programme' which can be used to prepare your group before starting on the training proper. It is designed for clubs who are intending to do their volunteer training on a residential weekend, but with a couple tweaks, can just as easily be used in their own club when doing their training over a number of weeks.

  Frequently asked questions  What can I do as a YCYV?

  Job description for a YCYV

 Personal contract
  Time Log   Registration form
Energisers & icebreakers  Residential lead-in programme




Please note: 

This resource may be used free of charge by local authorities and community groups for the benefit of young people.  Its use for commercial gain is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Somerset County Council Youth & Community Service Manager.  Any unauthorised copying or distribution will constitute an infringement of copyright.