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Working together

This package is for clubs who've never done quality assurance work before, or who feel they may need to really improve the quality of the club they're running.

This process will be run by Kirstie or Zara, who have 56 years of youth club experience between them and bring an impartial and professional view to the process.

The process is:

  • An inital meeting with the community, to look at what the community wants, what they are paying for or supporting and what any issues might be
  • A visit to the club from Zara or Kirstie (usually for an hour) to observe practice and talk to staff and young people
  • A written report of the visit
  • A follow-up meeting between community and youth work provider / staff to look at the results of the visit and identify any improvements needed and the creation of an action plan for the way forward
  • A follow-up visit to the club within an agreed timscale
  • Further support to enable improvements to happen

The standard visit form is used. This has been designed around government quality indicators for youth work - click on the image below to see a copy.

As this process must be tailored for individual communties, it may differ slightly from that outlined above.

Please contact either Kirstie or Zara for more information or to book this package:

Kirstie Brown 01823 357553 / 07899 700170


Zara Scott-Davies 01823 357554 / 07919 540738